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Graham Coad | Cornwall Council elections 4th May 2017

Graham Coad writes:

You have probably seen that I am standing for Cornwall Council in Hayle South Ward which of course includes Anagarrack.

I have today posted my leaflet to all the Angarrackians who are postal voters so that they should receive my leaflets at the same time as they get their voting papers next week.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 Local Elections - Hayle.

For Cornwall and Hayle

Town Councils in 4th May

Local Elections
Popular Independent Cornwall Councillor John Coombe is not standing for re-election in Hayle South Ward on the 4th May 2017

I believe I am his natural successor for that position. I was born and raised in St George’s Road, Hayle and went to Penpol and Humphry Davy schools. I had a full career in Devon and Cornwall Police, mainly in Cornwall, and have been able to live back in Hayle for the last 21 years. I have four children, three adult and grown up and one still in Hayle Community School.

Ten years ago I was elected to Hayle Town Council and have served Hayle as councillor since then, plus two years as Deputy Mayor, and two years as Hayle Mayor until last year. I really enjoy council work and the challenges it brings.

My attendance record at meetings is very good, and I am currently chairman of the Amenities Committee. I have been on almost every committee, subcommittee and working group on the council and am aware of all the recent and current dealings between Hayle and Cornwall councils. I am also a member of the steering Group of the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan which should reach completion this

year, giving Hayle real influence over many planning issues up to 2030. My special interest is planning.

I too am an Independent, not beholden to any political party, and I don’t think party politics should be a factor in Local Government. Time should not be wasted in squabbles over party politics, but all energies should be put to getting the very best results for Cornwall overall and Hayle in particular.

Two of the political parties oppose me in this election, with one candidate parachuted in from Lostwithiel, and another from Gwinear Parish with no recent involvement in Hayle council matters or business with Cornwall Council. I firmly believe that I am the best candidate for the job, and my knowledge and experience will see me as an effective Cornwall Councillor working for Hayle right from the start.

It is a great benefit if a Cornwall Councillor is also a Town Councillor, for continuity between the Town Council representing the people and Cornwall Council, it makes for greater efficiency and better representation so I am also standing for re-election as a Town Councillor in Hayle’s North Ward, (neither of my opponents are or are seeking to become Hayle Town Councillors.)

Wherever you live in Hayle, Phillack or Angarrack you will be able to vote for me for Cornwall or Hayle Councils. Please DO vote, and please vote for me. I will do my very best for you.

If you want to speak to me or ask anything I am on 07989 606992, email or Facebook
Graham Coad

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